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Hope, New Beginnings and Rebirth

Today symbolizes hope, new beginnings, rebirth. It celebrates the one true constant, the circle of life. Today pays homage to the exquisite, yet duplicitous nature of our universe. Today personifies the immaculate order and balance in which all life is created. Today gives rise to the pith essence of all spiritual teachings.

That where there is death, so is there life. Where there is war, so is there peace. Where there is darkness, so is there light. Where there are endings, so are there new beginnings. Where there is a dark cold winter, so will the bounty of spring bloom again.

We are all part of an intricate cycle, one that, regardless of either extremes, always returns to center. As human beings, especially during these times, we must remember that our sole responsibility is not to believe ourselves greater, or more powerful than that of creation itself, but to learn how to abide, graciously, humbly, within the divine balance in which every creature, both great and small, are always, effortlessly held.

Today, as I sit here, outside my horses stall, a creature far greater than me, graciously carrying a creature smaller than the both of us, due any hour, any day, I am ever mindful of this very teaching.

For the last time I sat like this, outside the stall of a creature greater than me, my beloved horse, I experienced the other side of nature’s balance, the underbelly of the circle.

The details of which, for now, I will save, at least, perhaps, until tomorrow. Today, I rejoice in the beauty, the bliss, and the perfection of exactly where I’m held.

In the hope, new beginnings, and rebirth.

Happy Easter.


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