Thought of the Day

June 1st, 2020

Making decisions, especially life changing ones, can be daunting. It means trusting our judgement. It means taking responsibility. It means, at times, standing alone in our truth. 


This process can be vulnerable, exposing, even markedly overwhelming. What if I make the wrong decision? What if I’m not thinking clearly? What if my decision takes me in a direction I later regret? 


For many, the anxiety caused in the face of making decisions can be so disabling they simply avoid it, wherever possible, happy to live a life from inside the lines of a tightly managed comfort zone. 


I look back and I wonder if I myself had such a tendency, perhaps my decisions wouldn’t have been quite so bold, and quite so life changing at an age I had no business defining comfort zones. This wonder is fleeting, retrospective, more so a curiosity. 


For I am ever blessed to have lived beyond the confines of my fear, of which, had I not be so bold, could’ve rendered me helpless in the face of most everything, never mind life changing decisions. 


As a youth I may have been bold, however, as an adult I became faithful. A markedly significant distinction, with markedly different outcomes. 


Decisions were no longer met with impulsivity, an unyielding passion for stretching the boundaries, a yearning, a longing to experience the soul, extraordinarily. 


Decisions were met more mindfully. With Less haste, more intent. With Less luster, more knowing. With Less grasping, more embodiment. Decisions, simply put, became a communion vs. an exploit of the soul. It became an inquiry, mutually shared into the deep settlement of its truth, its seeds, and its fertility. 


Making decisions, for me, is the process of harvesting those seeds, honoring the fertile soil of truth, and standing alone, however vulnerable, exposed, or overwhelmed, knowing the single most powerful, gracious, forgiving authority, that of faith stands within, therefore besides me, regardless of the outcome. 


There are no wrong decisions. Regret is abusive. Fear is an illusion. Be courageous. Trust your knowing. Stand in truth. Decide in faith.