Psychic Empath - Medium - Intuitive Counselor 

About Charlotte

Charlotte has spent the last 22 years providing a unique platform of change and transformation for thousands of people from all walks of life across the world.


Her gift of insight has successfully navigated individuals, couples, families, and corporations through the various tipping points of crisis, into the light.

In a world where fear continues to challenge every-day lives, Charlotte’s role as a change agent remains extremely significant, yet her offering remains extremely simple.


Charlotte has conversations.


Conversations that cuts through the falsehoods of fear and illusion, bringing to center the single most powerful source of intervention, truth.


With Truth, Charlotte -


Demystifies complex paradigms of self limitation, allowing previously untapped possibility to give rise to the forefront of consciousness.


Awakens the un-actualized aspects of self.


Walks the specific nuances of any unattended trauma across the threshold of suffering, into recovery.


Ultimately, with Truth, Charlotte -

Facilitates a pathway of 'emergence' that guides people towards experiencing a purposefully driven life.