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I came to learn about Charlotte's gift and abilities in the summer of 2005. I was about to enter into a legal battle with my former employer and I was feeling overwhelmed.


After only one session with her she calmed my fears and reassured me that the outcome of my lawsuit would be favorable. She went even further, describing the ups and the downs I would have before me, the length of the process, and the amount of money that would be coming my way.


A year and a half later everything Charlotte said was going

to happen, did happen, everything....

Amy, San Diego

“Charlotte provides you with a much more comprehensive understanding of who someone is on a soul level, where I believe the genesis of our behavior exists. Her gift bypasses the layers and gets right to the source of each individual situation"

Johnathan, Manahatten

TEchnICal Engineer 

“The work I’ve done in with Charlotte in 18 months has been more powerful than any of the work I’ve done in therapy for the last ten years...”

Krista,  Chicago


“To say that Charlotte is simply intuitive doesn't even begin to capture the it. Charlotte is like being with someone who has an understanding of you at a depth you've never experienced before in your life. It's mind blowing"

Clayton, Los Anegeles



Helena, San Francisco

A Passionate Gardener

will lovingly tend to her

garden with enthusiasm, care, and grace. A true sense of the work to be accomplished. 

Charlotte has been the gardener in my life, gently planting seeds of love and truth in my being, urging me to see what is there waiting to bloom. Illuminating false ideas and behaviors like dead heading an over grown garden in order to promote new, and healthier grow.

Charlotte came to me at a crossroads in my life. My marriage, my relationships, and my life itself was in jeopardy. I had no sense of self, an image of life based on thoughts acquired over 42 years. I was scared. Alcoholism and escapism had become my only way of coping. I cannot imagine where I would be had I not contacted Charlotte.

"My parents were terrified I was going to die.  I was drinking, abusing drugs, and I had attempted suicide. I was on fast track to death. 
"Charlotte brought out a person in me I never knew existed. Her gift and the work we did together is what saved my life"

Beverly, Palo Alto

COLLEge Student 

“If you’re calling Charlotte, you’re calling and you're asking spirit to have a conversation. You have to be ready and willing to hear the deepest of truth, knowing it’s coming from a place of love, a place that awakens you to your most authentic self, a place that activates your greatest potential"...

Colleen, Boston 

Research AnALyst

“Charlotte really saw me in a time when no one else could, not even my family or my very best of friends. I didn't feel connected to anyone. I was in so much pain and trauma. I was confused and extremely afraid. Charlotte connected with me instantly. She understood me on a completely different level. Charlotte saw into the very core of my suffering and grounded my soul back to sanity".....

Monica, London

Fashion Designer


Philip, Beverly Hills


This is meant to be a very special 'thank you' letter. Rarely, someone gives a gift to you so amazing that it changes your life. I believe you gave me that gift.


First, your description of my life, my emotional injuries and how they carry over into my present life, the realization and understanding of how much pain I've been in, coupled with your insight into the specific perceptions I have that ultimately brought me to this present moment, were incredible.


I deeply appreciate your helping me to understand my wife so much better and more realistically. You have no idea how freeing that insight has been. To understand that she too has  wounds.....

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