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Stepping Back Into Life During Covid, Part 1.

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Assumptions are detrimental, especially those that cut off the oxygen supply to our potential. All too often we assume that what was once true, remains true, regardless.

What we once liked, we will always like, therefore indulge accordingly. What we once found fearful, we will always find fearful, therefore avoid automatically. And, most tragically, what we once considered ourselves incapable of, we will always deem ourselves incapable, therefore never attempt to prove ourselves otherwise.

Assumptions are made at a young age. Many of which are programmed, not by original thought, more so influence, both direct and subliminal. Those assumptions are then built into the complex, and markedly rigid structures developed around what becomes true to us, and for us, herein the identity of self.

However, we are far more than what mental and emotional associations we once gathered to constitute our individual belief systems. One would hope that with age, and maturity, the mind opens to a broader perspective, granting adaptation to the self as it sheds, recalibrates, and evolves. Unfortunately, without some form of spiritual practice, this augmentation doesn’t take place. To the contrary, in the absence of conscious intervention, people find themselves living out circumstances that effectively compound the ‘so called’ truths in which they cling. Over and over, the ego reinforces outworn prophecies, robbing the self of experiencing liberation from grave, and unnecessary suffering.

This may be part of human condition.

This may be acceptable to the majority of people.

This, however, is not the only way to live.

Nor need it be.

Nor should it be.

We are gifted with a mind that can change, at any age, all it takes is the conscious choice to do so. Is it easy? Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Is it complex? No more complex than being held prisoners to the myriad of covert falsehoods. Is it frightening? No more frightening than the thought of living your entire life based on assumptions that one day, a day that comes for all of us, something far greater than you reveals what could have been, what life was truly meant to be, if only you’d taken the time to realize most every assumption you made, was wrong.

In the throes of Covid-19, as the world opens back up, its ever more essential that we, as an entire human race, continue to take pause, internally, and breakdown every assumption, ever made. Nature has screamed for us to awaken, and if the likes of a global pandemic hasn’t blown out every miseducated human assumption clear out the waters, then I shudder to think what nature will bestow upon us next in order to wake mankind from its collective slumber.

Covid-19, as with all crisis, gifted us with a tipping point, one we can resist, or embrace. Either way, radical change has occurred and life as we once knew it will never be the same.

This I celebrate, for each and every time assumptions, without warning, are violently dismantled the mind, once opened, can now give way to newfound possibilities, never otherwise discovered.

Wake up now, whilst you can. Grab life anew. Be grateful.

Go within, and ask yourself these hard, yet essential questions.

What assumptions are holding you back from experiencing an alternative version of yourself? What truths no longer stand up under greater scrutiny? What data points have long been outworn and outlived? What would your life look like if you changed your mind about what you once assumed? What greater oxygen supply would you have if you started to breathe life into your potential, not upon your death, but here, today, right now, in this moment, if you chose that what was once true, simply no longer needs to be?

Answers these questions honestly, bravely, and consciously. Don't wait for the day that comes for us all, the day when the truth is revealed, the day when 'if only'? sadly, befalls us.

We are ALL worthy of a greater outcome.

With every assumption, and every choice made, in every moment, of every day, we, as an entire human race, we are living our ending.

Now, wake up, get present, change your mind, change your stories, and start living your answers.


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