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Choose Joy

Today, as the clouds give way to rain, the skies are grey in palette, the atmosphere, heavy with anxiety, posing omnipresent threat, our choice to be either the cause, or the effect of our environment remains ours for the taking.

Some days this choice will take great effort, waxing and waning from one minute to the next. Some days this choice may come a little easier, relatively sustained, free, at least, from collapse.

Whilst other days, should you choose to surpass the fear mongering details of the current crisis, unwilling to allow its effects to besiege you, should you make an alternative choice, one whereby the blessings under your nose become the cause of your joy, on those days, you’ll find that the heart has all it ever needs.

Today I choose joy, effortlessly. Today, right under my nose, I have all I need. My heart is full. As is my smile. As for tomorrow, regardless of circumstance, I have the gift to choose again. And so do you.


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