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Everything happens with divine reason and timing.

My pregnant mare, Lucy was originally meant to foal out at Burns Ranch in Menifee where we bred her, AI. When calling to confirm our anticipated arrival date I was told ‘I’m sorry, things have changed, we can’t take any outside mares at this time - you’re on the list of people I was going to call’. Suffice to say, alternative arrangements had to be made. We chose Chino Valley Hospital. We would trailer her there a week before her due date, which, give or take, is the 15th of this month. However, three weeks ago, prior to the shelter in place, the lockdown, and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 I arrived at the barn to find red mucus dripping through her tail. Fast forward; we were advised to take her to the hospital immediately for an ultrasound due to concerns of potential abortion. Upon arrival we were assured she was fine. We were also told, based on examination & experience; it was likely Lucy would foal in 1-3 days.

Now then, given it's three weeks later, daily visits, sleepless nights, no foal, but a vet bill in the thousands for nothing more than shelter, food, water, and twice daily temperature readings, some would say, in fact most have said, ‘Wow, that really sucks’.

I smile, empathize, because that’s their perspective.

My perspective, alternatively, is one of awe and gratitude.

Had it not been for Burns Ranch being unable to board Lucy as planned, which, for clarity meant $19 per day with 24/7 reproductive specialist on hand vs. $100 per day surgeons on hand or call, we never would’ve thought of a hospital as an option.

And, had Lucy not discharged red bloody mucus three weeks ago we never would’ve taken her to Chino over a month prior to her due date.

And, had none of these seemingly unfortunate, inconvenient, expensive, potentially unnecessary circumstances occurred, well, I wouldn’t have the bliss of leaving my house each and every day during quarantine.

I wouldn’t have spent the last three weeks driving away from the negativity of crisis through the exquisite rolling hills of the 241, looking ahead at the mountains, snow capped and luminous with sunlight.

I wouldn’t have had the solace of sitting upon the grass in silence, socially distanced, yet free to be with Lucy as I please.

I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take time to further reflect on the extraordinary nature of my journey with the spirit of the horse and start writing the book I’ve been putting off since my first horse Gracie died.

I wouldn’t have had the security of knowing that in the event anything was to happen to her, she’s one of 7 horses on the property vs. one in 150.

I wouldn’t have had the freedom to sit and read a book, listen to the birds, watch the sunset, and curl up in her stall as she sleeps, flat out, besides me.

I wouldn’t have the same blessing of staying safe, remote from the traffic back at the barn, nor would my husband, Michael and I have spent one of the most magical nights together, alone, curled up under the pink blanket of dusk, listening to Lucy gently adjust from one hip to the other as she rests, peacefully.

All of this, and more, would never have happened had the seemingly misfortune, frustrating, unexpected circumstances not taken place.

Everything happens with Divine reason and timing, it’s simply a matter of perspective. And, this perspective, regardless of the circumstances, is one I choose to nurture, daily. It keeps me faithful, grateful, humble, and joyous.

We can’t always choose our circumstances, but we can always choose our perspective.

What perspective will you choose today?


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