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Hidden Blessings

We are not the victim of circumstance, we are victims to how we interact with circumstance. At any given moment, regardless of what life presents, we, blessed by free will, get to choice how we interpret that presentation.

Is life presenting challenge, or a blessing? Is life presenting crisis, or rebirth? Is life presenting the unthinkable, or the previously unimagined? Is life presenting us an ending, or a new beginning?

Ultimately, the sum total of our reality is made up by how, in the face of those questions, we choose to respond. Two people can experience the same exact set of circumstances, and yet, their outcome, dramatically different. This is not due to luck, or happenstance. This, simply put, is the cause and the effect of individual perspective.

The person who triumphed in the face of adversity, whose life became all the richer, all the more purposeful, is the same person who, when presented with life’s challenges, chose not to become a victim of circumstance, but to remain empowered, conscious of free will, and responded, only, to the hidden blessings in which he/she chose to find.

We, we are not limited, nor imprisoned by anything other than our perspective. Perspective is reality. Period.

History, as we speak, is being written. Nature has dealt the circumstance, now, we, blessed by free will, get to choose how we respond. Will you consider this pandemic, albeit unprecedented, a crisis, or a rebirth, the unthinkable, or the previously unimagined, an ending, or a new beginning?

Please, I appeal to you, consider your answers wisely. Now more than ever, we must be mindful, conscious, and present. We must recognize, both the power, and the influence of our own perspective. For we, as an entire human race, years from now, we will all have a story to tell.

This story, the story of how we lived through the unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic, this story, is ours to write.

How it unfolds, and, most profoundly, how it ends will not be written by circumstance, you are not a victim, no this will be written, single handedly, by the narrative of your perspective, the direction it takes, the choices it makes, and, ultimately, the reality, you, the author, then shape.

Find the hidden blessings, for there, you will find the answers that make for a story, far more extraordinary to live, far more meaningful to remember, and far more inspiring to tell.


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