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Response to Covid-19

By way of introducing myself, for those of you who don't know me, I have, for 22 years, guided many souls through the dark foreboding landscapes, into the light. I, myself, have taken a pause for two years. A search to prepare me for the times, we as an entire human race, find ourselves in. The impact of Covid-19 spares no souls. I have sensed the arrival of a global dilemma for longer than I can attest to.

During my 2 year pause I found my solace and guidance in the study and reverence of The Horse. Two particular horses I have had the honor of sharing love and learning. I have learnt of their complex and majestic ways. They have given to man, of those ways, asking very little in return. They remain an enigma, their souls still wild in essence, even in domesticity, a creature in tune to the elements at all times.

In these human times I feel we too must adopt this same reverence for life. We must look to ourselves for the ancestral instincts we were born with, yet due to 'modern life' we have allowed to fall fallow.

Which is why, once again, I am compelled to speak out. To share the truth, the teachings, and the healing available to us. These times have not befallen us without warning. These times have been foreseen for decades by many a Prophet. Mother Nature has intervened. Her shadow now cast upon life as we knew it, and there is no purpose nor light in looking back.

We must look inward now as a new world emerges.

We must meditate on our awakening as we conceive of a future more in tune with the natural order and balance.

We must remember that the strength of our human spirit is as that of the horse.

We WILL look ahead once more.

We will look ahead, where there, upon the horizon, just beyond the darkest point since the beginning of time, The Dawn will indeed rise.


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