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The Dawn

The Dawn is a platform for personal change and transformation.

It is both a process and a journey.

It is a call to higher ground and the broadening of perspective.

It is a choice, a commitment, and an investment.

It is a partnership between fear and courage.

It is truth.

It is a shedding and a letting go.

It is empowerment through vulnerability.

It is getting over it by going through it.

It is a humbling, a forgiving, and a redirecting.

It is the cycle of light rising immediately beyond the dark.

It is a listening, a discovering, and an awakening.

It is rebirth after the death of illusion.

It is living authenticity and transparently.

It is the healing of our human condition and the actualization of our spirit.

It is hope, possibility, and the grace of a new day.

It is enlightenment.

It is love.

It is the miracle.


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